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Since its establishment in 1992, Orient Carbon Industry Co., Ltd. (short as Orient Carbon)  has become one of the largest Carbon & Graphite manufacturer in the north of China. Orient Carbon is located in Linzhang County, Handan City, Hebei Province. The company has passed ISO9001:2015. The main products are UHP Graphite Electrodes, SHP Graphite Electrodes, HP Graphite Electrodes, RP Graphite Electrodes, Large Size Carbon Electrodes Carbon Electrode Paste.   In 2008, we purchased a Carbon Paste company in Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia Province. The output of Wuhai plant is 50,000MT for all kinds of ...

Our Products

The main products are Carbon Electrode Paste, Large Size Carbon Electrodes, Graphite Electrodes, Pre-baked Anode Blocks, Cathode Carbon Blocks, Ramming paste(tamping paste)etc.
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supply control, graphitization, body configuration of CNC wire, joint configuration automation
monitoring of heating control power supply control, graphitization, body configuration
Fast and High Quality Service
implement automatic monitoring, automatic monitoring of heating control power supply control
To pressure the whole production process to implement automatic monitoring
Orient Carbon will cooperate with universal business partners to develop new ideas and opportunities in the fields of carbon and graphite industries.

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